Department of Clinical Psychology


 Clinical Psychology Lab and Clinical Psychology Department

The Clinical Psychology department at the Central Institute of Psychiatry was conceptualized in 1922 when a separate block for psychological assessment and management was constructed in the hospital. It is the oldest independent department of Clinical Psychology in India. As per evidences, psychoanalysis was used as a method of treating personality disorder and use of Habit Formation Charts was in vogue since 1924. Over years the department has gained excellence in the field of teaching, training, research and clinical services.

Teaching and Training: Initially, the department was only involved with patient care; however, in the year 1962 a teaching course in Clinical Psychology – Diploma in Medical and Social Psychology was begun (this course is now known as M.Phil. in Medical and Social Psychology). The course of Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology was started in 1972. At present, there are 18 seats in M. Phil (M&SP) and 4 seats Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology). The sanctioned strength of faculty for the department includes one professor, one associate professor and two assistant professors. The departmental faculty includes 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors, 1 clinical psychologist, 2 assistant psychologists and 1 laboratory assistant.

Clinical Services:The department provides non-pharmacological management to patients with wide ranging psychological problems with the help of psychotherapy, counseling, group meetings, psycho-education, psycho-diagnostic testing, intelligence testing and so forth. Apart from catering to patients coming directly to the Institute, the department is also involved in providing services at various extension clinics as also in schools.

There is a separate outpatient unit of the department which is called the Psycho-Social Unit (PSU). The PSU either gets referrals from the general OPD of the Institute or else individuals can come straight to the PSU and seek help for their psychological problems. The PSU caters to the needs of those patients who suffer from minor psychological problems and who can be managed exclusively by psychological methods such as counseling, behaviour therapy, biofeedback, relaxation therapy etc. The OPD runs various special clinics including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Clinic and Sex Therapy Clinic on weekly basis.

S M Mohsin Clinical Psychology Lab:The laboratory is equipped with various psychological tests, rating scales, instruments and apparatus which aid in the diagnosis and assessment of patients. There are in all 13 sets of equipment and apparatus, 56 tests for the assessment of intelligence and other cognitive functions, 19 tests for the assessment of personality (including projective and objective tests) and 44 scales. The laboratory has also acquired 66 new tests which assess various domains of personality and cognition.

Departmental Activities:Weekly academic exercises are held in the department. These academic programs include departmental seminars, psychotherapy meetings and regular classes for M.Phil. and Ph.D. students as well as for students of other disciplines such as Psychiatry, Psychiatric Social Work and Psychiatric Nursing. The department is also serving visiting students from various institutes and colleges who come from all over India for training in clinical psychology.

Research Activities: Research is an integral part of the department. Faculty members and the students of the department are involved in research activities on a regular basis. The major focus of current research is psychological assessment, cognitive neurosciences and psychotherapy. Research papers have been published in various international and national journals.