OPD and Emergency Services


Charak Outpatient Department

The outpatient department is located in a double stored building outside the boundary of the institute since 1982. The OPD function daily for 8.30 AM to 4 PM except on holidays. However, the patients are seen any time in 24 hours emergency service. CIP caters the need of patient from Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Bengal, Chhattisgarh and north eastern states.Patients from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh also come for consultation. It is an authorized centre of Mental Health for Central Government, Railways, CCL, BCCL, SAIL etc.

In his first visit, a comprehensive assessment of the patient by a team that includes junior resident, psychiatric social worker, clinical psychologist, senior residents is done, and finally the patient is assessed by consultants, and thereafter diagnosis and management plans are decided. There are structured formats for detailed workup of all new registrations and there are separate case record files (C.R.Fs) for various faculties. In total 13 different CRFs are used e.g., General Psychiatry Case Record file, Child Guidance Clinic File, Epilepsy Case Record File, to name a few. Facilities are available for psychological tests, behavior therapy and family therapy at the outpatient level. The out-patient department also caters to special group of patients including Children and adolescents and geriatric population. Child Guidance Clinic is also run on all working days at OPD basis providing counseling and guidance to the afflicted children as well as to their parents.

For patients we have television, mineral water, video display television for information, lavatory and bath room in OPD building. A canteen for patient is located in the OPD which provides, clean, hygienic and nutritious food to the outpatients and their relatives. A SulabhSauchalaya type of complex is ready to be commissioned anytime for the patients of OPD and emergency.
The total number of cases seen on an outpatient basis during the period January-December 2011 was 69,071. The Institute runs a number of special clinics as below:

Day Clinic
Monday Mood Clinic & Neurology Clinic
Tuesday Sleep Clinic
Wednesday Chronic Schizophrenia, Skin Clinic, Sex Clinic, Movement Disorder Clinic
Thursday Epilepsy Clinic
Friday Memory Clinic
Saturday Headache Clinic & De-addiction Clinic
Weekdays Child Guidance Clinics

Sushruta Emergency Services

Emergency Services are provided for those who are acutely ill and where the patient need urgent and intensive care. There are 16 beds (8 males, 8 females), and the services are provided free apart from the cost of medicines   and food which has to be borne by the relatives or friends accompanying the patient. The guardians are required to stay with the patient. The patient is either discharged, referred to a medical facility admitted in the inpatient wards depending on his condition. The decision is taken within a few days.In O.P.D. we also have 24 hour telephonic help line services.Trained nurses and doctors attend the call and gives valuable advice to the people who cannot come to O.P.D. due to some reason.The Emergency Services give away a number of free drugs to patients in need.
Toll Free No:    1800-345-1849 (24 hr helpline no.)